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  • Foxwatch fox deterrent is the result of years of dedicated research, resulting in an device with high frequency sound output patterns designed to create maximum deterrent effect to foxes. Foxwatch provides a deterrent effect up to 60 ft. away and detects motion and heat from the foxes body up to 40 ft. away within a 100 degree angle. As the sound output...

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  • The Electronic Rat Killer kills rats quickly in a humane way using an electric shock. The rat is enticed in to the rat killer trap by bait placed inside, as the rat walks in to take the bait, it completes an electrical circuit and is killed. Very easy to use, simply place the rat bait inside and switch on. Once the rat killer has been triggered,...

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  • As seen on BBC TV's Countryfile. Keep an eye out for your livestock & poulty with the unique Solar pest repeller. A flash of light implies to all animals that hunt or feed at night that they have been discovered or are being watched. This is their deepest fear and forces them to flee the area. When used properly, the Solar Predator Protection System...

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  • Use fly & wasp spray to quickly kill flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insects. Spray directly at insect or a 3 second burst will treat a room up to 30 cubic metres.

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  • The PestOff MPR10 creates an uncomfortable environment for mice & rats, causing irritation and encouraging them to leave the property. The effect circulates through the wiring of the property, getting into wall cavities, roof & loft spaces, under floors, in fact anywhere there is electrical wiring. It is able to protect areas ultrasonic repellers cannot...

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  • Mouse Control - Prevention is better than cure! Using air brick covers to stop mice entering means you do not have to get rid of mice from your house. Mouse Mesh air brick covers stop mice using air brick vents as a way to get in and out of your house. The average mouse can fit through very small holes, the vent holes in an air brick are ideal for...

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  • This British-designed product has been especially developed to cause the least stress and no harm to mice when they are caught. The door drops automatically behind the mouse when it crosses the treadle to reach the bait. Clear plastic body means you can see at a glance when you have caught something. Plentiful ventilation points reduce stress to caught...

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  • Use Clothes Moth Killer spray to kill moths, moth eggs and Carpet Beetle larva. Kills on contact and offers long term protection. Natural floral scents give moth protection a fresh smell.   Active ingredient: Cypermethrin. Always read the label: Use pesticides safely.

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  • Easy and safe humane mouse trap.Room for single mouse.Catch & release without harming the mouse.You never have to touch the mouse.Two traps per pack.

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  • Moth pest control with natural cedar wood moth balls. Repel moths and mildew from wardrobes and drawers for months. Eastern aromatic red cedar has been trusted to freshen and protect clothes for centuries. Made from 100% natural cedar wood. It's pleasant fragrance will penetrate garments and fabrics, repelling moths as well as mildews and mustiness...

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  • Lavender scented moth repellent to protect and freshen clothes. Simple to use. Effective for up to 3 months. Hang or place in drawer. Protect clothes from moth damage. Pleasant lavender scent in wardrobes and drawers.

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  • A pack containing 2 refills for Demi Diamond clothes moth traps. Demi diamond clothes moth killer uses the latest pheromone technology to deliver maximum catch rates and protect woollens and natural fibres from moth damage.

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  • The Baitless Mouse Trap is extremely simple to set and requiring no bait makes this mouse trap one of the best. The mouse sees a 'harmless tunnel' and attempts to pass straight through it. No bait required. Simple to set, simple to empty. Use again and again.

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  • Demi-Diamond technology trap to attract and kill clothes moths. Simple to use by hanging or placing flat. Treats a standard wardrobe area for up to 3 months once activated. Protect clothes against moth damage.

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